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Ladbrook Manufacturing – Bridging the skills gap

Ladbrook Manufacturing has a long and proud history of turning young engineers into skilled craftsmen, and has over the last few years has continued that process.

2014 saw the end of a 44 year long career, from apprentice to Toolmaker, to Senior Development Engineer, right through to the Engineering Manager, when Gerry Turner retired. However, despite this being the end of a long and distinguished career for one engineer, others are at the early stages of their own.

Tom (22) recently completed a 3 year apprenticeship in Metal Spinning, Welding and Fabrication having been internally trained, externally assessed and qualified. Following these qualifications and due to his consistently enthusiastic work ethic coupled with a keenness to learn and improve, Tom is now transferring to the Toolroom / Machine Shop to expand his knowledge and experience in machining and tool-making.

Tom’s progression shows how we continually build on the strength and depth of knowledge and experience at Ladbrook Manufacturing. We also work closely with City College Norwich and were one of the original members of EAGIT (East Anglian Group for Industrial Training)

Tom, Simon & George
Tom, Simon & George

Our commitment to training the next generation of engineers is on-going. Simon (23) has recently completed his internal Welding and Fabrication training, and now gaining the day-to-day hands-on experience and knowledge of the job itself.

George (17) works the recently purchased Amada Pressbrake, a £90,000+ investment, with staff trained to program, set and operate this machine. This shows another huge investment by Ladbrook Manufacturing in its staff and indeed its own future, by continuing to bring young engineers through, and train them in modern engineering methods and machinery.

Right now there are other 2 young men and a young lady working across the factory, all with the potential and enthusiasm to progress and evolve into engineers at Ladbrook. This demonstrates a positive future for the business despite skills shortages being highlighted throughout the media, and for a company with 25 staff we must commit to the futures of these and other young engineers.