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AJ In Australia, Part One

As you’ll know Ladbrook Manufacturing employee AJ Johnson is currently in Australia pursuing his cricket career.  He’s agreed to send back reports which we’ll be publishing on out blog. Here is part one.

Living the dream!

I left Heathrow on October 22nd and after 12-hour flight I had a welcome 4-hour stop over in China before continuing a further 12-hours onto Melbourne, Australia.

AJ In Australia

Whilst I’d spoken to my new Club Captain on the phone, I’d obviously never met him or any of my teams mates from Traralgon Centrals Cricket Club, it’s always a nervous time getting off the plane as you don’t really know what to expect. But my Captain and housemate Dylan and some players were there to meet me and we hit it off right away.

Soon we were back at the Dylan’s house where more Central’s players arrived so what else do cricket boys do? That’s right, a couple of drinks and some garden cricket!

AJ in Australia

The following day we were straight into training.  Centrals have a lovely ground which was of course bathed in beautiful sunshine, it’s much bigger than my home ground at Cromer. We train twice a week and play matches on Saturdays.

AJ in Australia

I’m a left arm spin bowling all-rounder and was quite surprised to be asked to open the bowling in my first game. I soon took my 1st wicket which felt great in a game we won comfortably.

AJ in Australia

During the week i have a job working full time for Tarn Tiles which is a new experience and very different from working the metal presses at Ladbrook Manufacturing. It’s very enjoyable though, building walls for new hospital,  laying flooring and we’re soon to be working on RAF base.

AJ in Australia

AJ in Australia








Last week I went to Melbourne to watch Australia play South Africa at the MCG. It’s an amazing ground and great win by Australia I was also spotted on Sky Sports sitting in the crowd with my team mates from family and friends back home!


Everyone here so friendly really enjoying my cricket, the great club and set up here. More soon.