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AJ in Australia – February Update

It’s now February, my time here is going so quickly. Im still working hard for a tiling company and at the moment our contract is at a RAF base where the days are 12 hours long to get the job done and completed.  I’m tiling kitchen bathrooms and laying floors hard graft but lots of good experience to take back home with me.

Still cricket training 2 hours twice a week Tuesday and Thursday in preparation for the weekend games ahead.

We had a fabulous day when we played Australia v World 11. This was a great day two teams made up of select 11 Overseas players and 11 Australians from the league. Of course the overseas won!! And I took a wicket!! We all had a great day and was good to catch up with all the overseas from different parts of the UK and to see how everyone else is doing.

The weather in Victoria is a bit like home – very unpredictable – some days in the 40’s and very dry heat and then other days with extremely heavy storms which has led to us having games called off.

Last week the game was called off but we both took 3 points from this which now means we are 3rd in the league, Win, loose or draw we will now still finish 3rd, which is great results for Centrals and represents the highest position they have been for a few seasons. Must be the luck of their English overseas!!!

We have one more league game left over the next two weekends and by finishing 3rd in the table we are now guaranteed a semi final place.

Will keep you posted over the next coming weeks as my time here is coming to a close, only six weeks left in this beautiful country of which everyone has made me so welcome.