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Ladbrook Manufacturing Logistical Investment & Improvement

Recent investment has seen both the internal and external improvement of logistic controls within North Walsham based Ladbrook Manufacturing.

The arrival of 2 new Forklift Trucks, a 2 Tonne Caterpillar Counterbalance truck and a CESAB 1200kg Pedestrian-Operated truck, have, in conjunction with the revised factory lay-out and newly located stores area, shown a marked improvement in internal journeys and efficiencies.

Ladbrook has also invested in upgrading its IT Computer Systems, ensuring we are providing a faster more responsive service with Ladbrook Suite, our bespoke computer system. This has continued to evolve and adapt to the ever changing demands of our day-to-day business.

Furthermore Ladbrook Manufacturing  has invested in 2 new vans! The first is a Mercedes Sprinter – long wheelbase van, and the second a Mercedes Citan. These new additions have replaced the previous lorry, and greatly improve Ladbrook’s logistical response by ensuring we can deliver to all of our customers, whether it is a scheduled weekly or monthly drop, or a daily kan-ban direct to the production line feed.

With more and more customers adopting a JIT strategy the need for a versatile and reactive service is vital and we continue to meet the demands of modern manufacturing and assembly.

These improvements will ensure that Ladbrook continues to improve its efficiencies and performance, to meet our customer delivery targets and deadlines, and give our customers what they want, when they want it.

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