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Metal Fabrication & Welding

Cost effective for low volumes: Ladbrook offer the complete metal fabrication for clients in a range of diverse markets seeking cost effective low volume production runs.

High precision: Our plant includes high precision multi axis CNC punching and CNC metal folding machines.

Range of manufacturing processes: By working with Ladbrook on your metal fabrication project, our extensive range of manufacturing processes gives the customer the option and versatility to progress to a more cost effective pressing route should the volume increase. Our welding equipment caters for Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium welded fabrications.

Verstility: Ladbrook has a versatile metal fabrication capability. For example, a complex mild steel component that requires shaping in four stages can be formed in one single operation on our Amada HFE 80 tonne pressbrake. With this machine and similar others Ladbrook can offer cost effective solutions for the most complex of metal folded components.

Simple or Complex: Ladbrook investment in modern technology and machinery, allow us to deliver both simple and complex metal fabrication solutions.

Ladbrook Manufacturing Ltd are ISO9001 Approved.