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Pressed Metal Parts

Versatility: Ladbrook Manufacturing produces pressed metal parts and metal components using a wide range of metal presses, to suit any customer requirement.

– Standard manual presses, ranging from 5 tonnes to 75 tonnes.
– Drawing and forming presses, ranging from 55 tonnes to 100 tonnes.
– Fully automated presses, ranging from 32 tonnes to 110 tonnes.
– Large transfer press, up to 200 tonnes.

One offs to High Volumes: Our array of presses allows Ladbrook to supply a full range of manufacturing volumes, from small development runs, right through to high volume production batch runs.

Hand Production or Automated: Small volume productions are typically carried out by hand, whereas higher volumes can be fully automated. Components can be packed off press for the most cost effective solution.

Variety of Sizes: Our presses allow us to cater for a wide range of different pressed metal parts. These can be anything from small electrical contacts to a complex range of bracketry, right through to large metal pressed panels and components.

Selection of Materials: Copper, Brass, Stainless, Aluminium and Mild Steel are the prime materials but we also have experience in pressing parts from more exotic materials such as Duplex and Phosphor Bronze.

Finished Looks: For aesthetic properties or corrosion resistance of your components, standard surface coatings such as Electro Zinc, Hot Dip Galvanised, Epoxy Powder or Wet Coat can all be provided. Ladbrook is allied with external surface coating research establishments enabling us to offer metal coatings with unique properties which results in vastly improved performance of all your pressed metal parts.

Combinations of Manufacturing Processes: In response to changing technologies and markets, Ladbrook has enhanced its production of pressed metal parts, by combining other engineering disciplines such as metal spinning and fabrication. This combination of manufacturing processes under one roof provides customers with complete solutions to their product need.

Ladbrook Manufacturing Ltd is an ISO 9001 Approved company. Talk to us about your pressed metal component requirements.